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Discovering underwater beauty I quickly learned that describing what I have seen and experienced is close to impossible. My scuba diving journey turned me into underwater videographer. Video production led to creation of Scuba Blue Films. Here you can watch movies made from some of the Scuba Blue get aways and trips. Join Scuba Blue and you will quickly find yourself as one of the stars of the underwater adventures.

What started as short diving gateway to unknown but popular island came out to be one of the greatest diving adventures. In February 2017 we visited Cayman Islands. Take a look at pristine clear waters of Grand Cayman where underwater canyons and reefs shape the ocean bottom landscape. The amazing Kittiwake shipwreck and steep walls create unique habitats for marine life and visit to Stingray City will change your view on how friendly creatures Stingrays are.

First international trip of Scuba Blue members to Nassau Bahamas in February 2016 was great success. Watch the shipwreck exploration, wall diving and amazing Shark Feeding dive.

It took several dives for me and Mario Aguirre to complete footage of our favorite shipwreck of Florida Keys - USS Spiegel Grove. Enjoy this short movie, I hope it will encourage you to visit The Keys and experience this dive yourself.

Have you ever wondered how it is to get Scuba certified? In September 2015 Paul "PJ" Ramirez, Inflight Crewmember from Orlando, had a chance to experience it with Sea Dwellers Dive Center. Here you can see his journey to fulfill his life long dream to become scuba diver.

Every year Sea Dwellers Dive Center organizes reunion weekend during Halloween full of diving fun and costume party. Here are the highlights of 2014 Reunion dives including famous statue - The Christ of the Abyss

USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg is the second World largest artificial reef, sunk in 2009 near the city of Key West, Florida it attracts divers from around the globe

Neptune Memorial Reef is the only in the world underwater cemetery just 2 miles of the coast of Key Biscayne, FL. Designed to reminisce legendary city of Atlantis it serves as final resting place for those who love the Ocean

SS Benwood ship sunk during WWII in 1942 after colliding with another ship at night. Todays this ship hosts colonies of beautiful fish, colorful reef and spectacular marine life

USCGC Duane was my first really deep dive to 110 feet and it is considered one of the most spectacular shipwrecks of Florida Keys

Miami shores are full of artificially sunk shipwrecks creating amazing environment for shipwreck divers, both beginners and advanced. See for yourself what awaits you below the surface of Pompano Beach waters

Key Largo is one of the most beautiful places to dive in United States and the world. I keep coming back to this amazing place and I hope you will as well after watching this movie