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JetBlue Scuba Weekend 2019

May 3rd - 6th

Key Largo. FL

Click HERE to explore what it takes to get scuba certification‚Äč

Sea Dwellers Dive Center offered special packages for JetBlue crewmembers and their families, which include hotel accommodation, certification training (all inclusive) and diving.

Click HERE to see pricing information

WARNING!!! Learning how to scuba dive may forever change your life. It did change mine. This absolutely amazing activity for individuals and families let me discover unbelievably beautiful world only small group of people can see. Not only scuba diving is a way to explore what Oceans hide from human eye, but it is extremely relaxing, it is like meditation and will let you forget all the problems your life carry with you every day.

That is why, together with our partner dive shop - Sea Dwellers Dive Center of Key Largo, we decided to take JetBlue crewmembers on the unforgettable journey to the Ocean World. Officially we will welcome everyone on May 3rd with evening reception, where you will meet all fellow JetBlue participants and their families. Next morning fun will start. Those who want to get certified will begin their lessons at the pool first, following shallow ocean dives under watchful eye of their instructor, after successfully completing pool training.

Those who are already certified will enjoy trips to local reefs and shipwrecks. We will be taking videos so make sure to bring your best underwater smile.

Watch video below of your fellow JetBlue crewmember Paul Ramirez (Mco Inflight) 

getting his Open Water Certification