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        SCUBA            BLUE


Tomek Gurzynski, Inflight Crewmember, has been with JetBlue Airways since April 2005. His life long dream was to get certified and learn how to dive, which he managed to achieve in 2013. Ever since his passion for diving grew really fast and turned into becoming environmentalist, helping protecting Florida reefs and marine life. He got his PADI Divemaster certification in October of 2016.

With already hundreds of dives behind his belt Tomek makes frequent diving trips to Florida Keys exploring local shipwreck and working as volunteer diver for Coral Restoration Foundation in Key Largo and Clearwater Marine Aquarium - home of celebrity dolphins Winter and Hope.

As passionate shipwreck diver he visited Truk Lagoon in March 2015 exploring hunted Japanese fleet of vessels sunk during Operation Hailstone in 1944.

Since scuba diving is not ALONE activity his goal is to get as many people involved in this amazing sport as possible. In 2013 he started Facebook page called Scuba Blue dedicated to JetBlue Airways scuba diving passionates. With this page the idea is not only to get crew members enjoy their time diving together, but also educate people about importance of Ocean Conservation.

His long term goal is to organize fundraising activities to help protect coral reefs of the State of Florida. His mentor is Dr. Sylvia Earle and her Mission Blue Foundation, which he hopes to support in the nearest future.